Why invest in real estate

Investing in real estate provides numerous benefits. Real Estate is the only asset where someone else is paying into your investment. With the right choice of properties you can expect excellent returns, tax advantages and predictable cashflow.

About Lucas Richard

Hi, I’m Lucas Richard Marzetti, an entrepreneur and full-time real estate investor, with over 15 years experience managing real estate, construction and industrial projects. My background in mechanical and construction engineering allow me to understand and oversee all aspects of the building process.

My passion for continual learning and development fuels me to understand the details and nuances of real estate investing. I consider myself a “forever student”, always looking to build on my academic foundations in real estate and the latest financial strategies through professional development.

My knowledge and determination have propelled the growth and success of the Lucas Richard Group of Companies: LR Industries, LR Renovations and Lucas Richard Properties.

When I’m not searching for my next investment property, I like to enjoy time with my family, am an avid car enthusiast and lover of all motor sports and I’m always looking for new and interesting podcasts.

Currently, I continue to work on growing my real estate portfolio in Southern Ontario. If you want to chat about real estate and investment opportunities, reach out and let’s talk!

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